Jeremy Libiszewski


Jeremy Libiszewski, Owner / Chief Instructor

Youngest black belt under the Sento Method having trained under the founder of the system, Lyzak.

Currently is a 2nd degree black belt under the Sento Method

Holds a 3rd degree black belt under the National Jiu-Jitsu Society

22 years experience in martial arts

Three time North American Grappling Champion in the Advanced middle and light weight divisions

Has a 2-0-0 record in amateur kickboxing competitions

World Extreme Challenge veteran, which is one of the largest mixed martial arts events in the world

Two time winner of the North American Grappling Championship Team Award. Edged out the Renzo Gracie Academy for the Team Championship

Teaching Accomplishments

Trains professional fighters in kickboxing, grappling and mixed martial arts

Teaches defense seminars for the police and military personnel

Teaches women’s self defense programs, specializing in physical and psychological strategies

Promotes personalized weight loss training and optimal health

Promotes self-respect, discipline, confidence, character, self-esteem in children, adolescents and adults