Muay Thai makes use of four of the body’s weapons: legs, knees, elbows and fists. Muay Thai differs from other martial arts, as it does not have a colored belt system typical of karate and tae kwon do. Fighters test their skills in the ring, but not all practitioners fight. Techniques taught are learned quickly and are easily integrated into daily life. Its simplicity is so effective that the modern form is almost identical to it’s traditional form

Muay Thai has evolved to work well with a modern lifestyle. This system provides stress relief, strength, cardiovascular fitness, self-defense and it is extremely fun. We teach authentic Muay Thai with basic and advanced techniques. We give you unmatched instruction from some of the area’s greatest trainers. This is a workout that will challenge you both physically and mentally.

We offer multiple Muay Thai Kickboxing classes:

  • Beginner Classes: New members must take the beginner classes to learn basic punching and kick technique as well as pad holding.
  • Advanced Classes: Once the fundamentals are in place, members are moved to the Advanced class.
  • Muay Thai Bag Class: Open to all levels.
  • Muay Thai Drill Class: Intermediate to Advanced. Fine-tune techniques in a pseudo-sparring setting.

*Hand wraps and boxing gloves are required for these classes.