Womens Self-Defense

Due to scheduling conflicts, we will not be holding another seminar until the beginning of November.  More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

Women’s Self-Defense Training

We offer two different self-defense classes for women, including private sessions and seminars. Women’s  Self-Defense Training will increase your awareness, help you avoid dangerous situations and empower you with simple escape techniques. Women are also encouraged to participate in grappling classes which often cover defensive techniques.

Awareness and Avoidance

Often, we do not identify potentially dangerous situations until it is too late. The Women’s  Self-Defense Training includes elements of basic safety that can help a woman recognize possible danger before it escalates into physical attack.


The techniques used are not based on strikes and kicks as are most other self-defense courses for women. Strikes and kicks offer very little chance for success against an assailant who is most likely going to be bigger, stronger and capable of hitting back.  Instead, the focus is on escaping whether she is on her feet or on the ground. 

Program Objectives

The worst part of an attack situation is the feeling of total helplessness the victim experiences. Women’s Self-Defense Training not only empowers a woman physically with simple, effective techniques for an escape, but also psychologically and emotionally by enabling her to maintain the presence of mind necessary to recognize or create an opportunity to get away.

Program Format

Skills are taught and drilled in a relaxed atmosphere until each student is able to execute the techniques. At the end of each class, students are given the opportunity to apply those learned skills against a specially trained assailant while being coached by Jeremy. The students learn how to overcome the panic response, practice strategy and perform the techniques in a simulated reality situation.


Photos from 8/17 seminar.

*Minimum class size of 10 people, must be pre-paid.