190 Verge St, Springfield, MA 01129

Kick Boxing

Muay Thai utilizes the 8-point striking system (punches, kicks, knees, elbows) and the ‘full’ clinch.  The clinch in kickboxing is a means of tying up the opponent for a positional reset. 

Our beginner class teaches you the basics of each of the points.  The class is focused on technique and is taught both with and without a partner.  During the beginner class you will also learn to hold pads for others.  The class usually ends with 20-30 minutes of heart elevating cardio.

Once you have mastered the basics and are proficient holding pads for others you may join our Advance class and put these techniques to use.  You will be teamed up with a partner either holding pads or on a heavy bag for 45 minutes of hard work.